B2B local support


We conduct trainings enabling the acquisition of knowledge required for proper function of business entities on Polish market, in the fields of economic and legal conditions and solutions used in business practices. The trainings are always tailored individually, and as such they can cover a variety of topics such as:


  • The rules of conducting commercial activities;
  • Distinctions in the rules of bookkeeping, invoicing and money transfers, templates of business forms, templates of payment prompts etc.;
  • Rules of bookkeeping, dates of payment, fiscal charges;
  • Labor law and related issues;
  • Mini – language courses adapted to specific requirements: basic phrases and expressions in Polish. WE RECOMMEND these courses as they are intended to make dealing with contractors, understanding accounting documents and the use of websites on the Polish markets easier;
  • Instructions and training in filling out local documentation;
  • Other specific conditions of the Polish market;
  • Characteristics of business relations (intercultural communication in business).


Trainings are aimed at decision makers, managerial staff and project teams responsible for business development in Polish market.